Coral Reef™


Bright's Coral Reef™ Platform is the world’s first open smart city platform that provides application developers with access to communication platforms, audio, weather sensors, video, marketing and much more – ensuring that products and services reach consumers efficiently and securely.

Coral Reef™ is divided into three sections:

  • Coral Reef™ 'engine' units (or nodes) embedded in or attached to street lights, with advanced communications and processing capabilities

  • Bright Innovations 'App Store', with cloud-based data center for third party applications utilising the onboard hardware to provide smart cities with a multitude of applications and solutions; collection and analysis in cloud based date repositories, enabling big data and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities

  • Gateway for application developers and users, with advanced control and monitoring features

Just like its organic counterpart, Coral Reef™ relies on a ‘home’. Bright believes that the existing street lighting is an ideal location for deploying the Coral Reef™ platform.

Streetlights exist in every city and every street and main road around the globe. The growing trend of replacing legacy streetlights with energy efficient LED street light, that provides municipalities or utility companies with the advantages of longer lifetimes, lower energy consumption and reduced maintenance expenses, provide an excellent penetration opportunity for rapidly deploying Bright’s Coral Reef™ nodes ('engines') in large numbers.

Coral Reef’s™ advanced processing and communications system provides communication between numerous applications and users and cloud-based data transfer that help fulfill the promise of the Smart City. Interactive applications and devices such as cameras, sensors and communication components can be easily integrated and
installed on top of the street lighting infrastructure and used for an unlimited range of operational and other applications   in the urban environment. The data transferred to servers is processed and utilised by end-users for many internal applications, including navigation, street parking, homeland security, municipal needs and much more.

The Coral Reef™ infrastructure elements become a key part of the Internet of Things and a smart, connected city. The possibility of integrating apps and services on the back of street infrastructure makes the platform developed by Bright into a connected street services app store, making Bright’s Coral Reef™ platform an indispensable and vital part in the development of the future Smart City. Following the IPO, Bright is planning to install a first version of the Coral Reef™ platform in pilot and demo projects; to be followed by further product enhancement towards
full commercialisation.

Bright App.png

Street Light Solutions


With over 300 million streetlights deployed throughout every city around the globe, and a growing trend to replace and modernise the streetlight networks, streetlights are an ideal location for installing smart city devices (Bright's Coral Reef™ node below).  

Bright is leveraging its vast experience with energy efficient streetlights, and focuses on using the urban streetlight networks as the main hub for its Coral Reef™ platform, devices and services.



There’s an app for everything — well, almost.

From the personal, to the professional, to the recreational, in today’s urban environment we are more connected than ever.  Our phones, our homes and even our cars provide us with unparalleled and never-before experienced access to information, services and connectivity. 

Each day more and more applications are introduced to the marketplace aimed at making our lives richer and more engaged with our community and with each other. Bright Innovations is the perfect host for the multitude of applications looking to reach their audiences. 

Whether it's vital community services, homeland security, monitoring traffic, weather and pollution and much more, utilising Bright Innovations’ Coral Reef™ platform provides application developers with access to communication platforms, audio, weather sensors, video, marketing and much much more, ensuring that products and services reach consumers efficiently and securely.