Leveraging the power of information technology, advances in communication and the Internet of Things, smart cities will be at the vanguard of intelligent and environmentally sustainable living.

In smart cities all the facets like transportation, healthcare, security, water supply, waste management, etc are interconnected to make the city a better place to live.

Essentially, the main idea of a smart city is to make the entire functioning and governance of a city people-centric so that people can directly participate in the key decisions affecting the city and get their grievances resolved by the power of ICT as soon as possible.

The smart cities market size is estimated to grow from USD $312 Billion in 2015 to USD $757 Billion by 2020.

LED streetlights are positioned in the main junction of collecting and analysing information, enabling the city to take advantage of the most advanced technologies to update service delivery. Based on its in-depth knowledge of smart street illumination technology and projects, Bright intends to harness on going street light replacement projects and new projects planned in big addressable markets, to a rapid go-to-market approach for deploying its Coral Reef™ nodes in large numbers in key locations.